In many cases the only available data for an area of interest is in
an unusable format, or on outmoded media.

Petroscan can restore the value to such data by converting it to a modern format
or by transcribing it to a modern media.


Hard copy or scanned image seismic sections vectorised to SEG-Y


Scanned image or hard copy well logs digitised to .LAS


Hard copy or scanned image maps converted to a variety of industry standard digital formats


Tapes/reels transcribed onto a variety of modern media

Legacy data can be used much more effectively if converted to a modern format and QCed expertly, providing a product immediately ready for assessment.

Vectorised Seismic

The image compares the scanned interpreted hard copy on the left, with the vectorised SEG-Y on the right. Note the retention in amplitude and frequency ranges as well as the removal of the interpretation and blemishes, restoring the image back to the data it was created from.

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Seismic Vectorising

Our experience and techniques enable us to vectorise images that clients, and other service providers, might consider unrecoverable.

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Well Digitising

Petroscan are able to digitise, QC and process well log data of virtually any quality. Our experienced processors and QCers ensure a seamless end product.

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Petroscan is able to capture any information presented on a map, shotpoints, geological data, cultural data etc., and export in a variety of industry standard digital formats.

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Tape Transcription

Petroscan utilises an initial assessment of data/media followed by processes designed to improve the versatility of the data, increasing value while ultimately saving cost.

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